Friday, April 29, 2016

Rollin' Down Hill

‘Ol Merle once crooned his desire for our country to quit rollin’ down hill and I’m not certain I agree. Don’t get me wrong I love this country, I have been all over this world and in my humble opinion you’d be damned to find another place as beautiful, strong and free as America. This country has a will made up from the sweat of every immigrant and patriot that has ever worked her land or sewed crops in her fields, spanned our mighty rivers and climbed our majestic mountains, and that will can never be broken by any two bit, self proclaimed soldier of some hierarchical spirit whose charged them with clearing this world of anyone whom opposes their beliefs.  

When The Okie from Muskogee bellowed out the words to this song, exclaiming our country rollin downhill like a snowball headed for hell I cant help but think of the state of politics in our country right now, no matter whom you might be vying for to be the next face of the highest office in this land, you’ve got to be ashamed of the choices we have right now. We live in a democracy and if the people vote to elect a certain candidate then that’s the way it is, that’s the leader the people want, and for other candidates to acknowledge that by proclaiming their banding together to fight that opportunity is a shambles. Rather than sharing their intent to protect our country or what they might do to make our country stronger, more successful, more right, they act like 7 year old boys in the school yard ganging up on another kid because he speaks the loudest.

What does that say about each of those candidates, their answer is to gang up and persecute the other guy instead of addressing the people of this great nation and convey to them their intentions if elected; a shameful, incredible and disgusting waste of time and money and insult to the intelligence of the people of our nation. Our country is rolling down hill all right, like a boulder that’s finally shook free from its precipice and is now tumbling wildly threatening to protect her sandy shores and golden prairies in the face of ever increasing terrorism and we need someone to step in and gain control of her, not to cry because they can’t handle the fight. Like Roosevelt liked to say, "Bully on" America, stand up and take control away from the politicians, remember what former President Reagan said about politics…that the job of a politician and a world leader is to be a servant of the people and not the other way round.