Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Take a Knee

I made a choice when I was much younger wherein I made a decision to place an actual value on my life. Have you done that? You must consider precisely for what reason might you hand over your life to someone else and what exactly does that mean. This isn’t about being brave or acting reckless, it is however about knowing that change needs to happen in our world, even within our country. Every generation must make these decisions, each generation gets to a point where people have forgotten the sacrifices of their grandparents’ and the kids think they know what needs to be done based on the failures of those in the past. This then of course precedes arguments over what has been done and what must be done. Around and around this goes, the media uses it to increase ratings by hyping the arguments and the politicians use it to field support and disdain for their opponent.

Then you have those whom volunteer as soldiers, these people have decided that something need be done, they realize that peace is unobtainable without action and often times that action may turn out violent. Peace is earned, it is not given free from sacrifice so who makes that sacrifice? So they place a value on their life, they know that there is a huge chance they will be called upon to deliver their life in lieu of another who remained back home in the safety of their neighborhood, who has the opportunity to protest the actions soldiers have taken, and let me communicate here that those soldiers aren’t just the men and women in the military, these soldiers are also those men and women who’ve signed on as police officers all around our country, they too are soldiers fighting the domestic criminal element, often times the very last line of defense against those hell bent on hurting and destroying the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America.

So those whom have decided not to sacrifice their own safety for the good of the general population many times decided to protest the very actions the soldiers have taken to provide them the freedom…to protest. And so many times these protests become an action not taken by many to actually voice their need for justice as they may suggest but an action they take in order to f feel as though they are part of something great, but let me tell you here and now, there is nothing great about taking part in a protest you do not understand for the sake of belonging to something. Taking a knee to protest something you have done nothing to help change, especially when you have enjoyed making millions off of those that have, taking a knee when you have yet to pay taxes, to contribute to society by making choices that actually affect society and by making sacrifices you don’t even understand, and yes I am now speaking to the children who think it’s cool to kneel at their sporting event like their misguided hero in order to get time in the spotlight, rather than doing something to help and affect the element you protest. You should be ashamed.

When you take a knee during the National Anthem, you are pissing all over the ideals that those who’ve valued their lives against yours have attempted to preserve, you have waved off the sacrifices so many have made, the lives so many men and women have given in the name of freedom and the preservation of peace and opportunity in America and around the world. You are hurting those that have spent their lives dealing with the pains and haunts they brought home with them when they fought terrorism and domestic and international. You are spitting on the graves of those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice, soldiers and law enforcement officers who have lost their lives protecting yours, and the families left behind as well.