Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blessed are those ...

Blessed are those who’ll stand before the enemy, to protect their friends and family.

Sgt P.J. Peterson and other members of the Red Bull DVN, US Army, WW2

His ears numb, awkward silence rings loudly as he and his brothers run through the unforgiving sand, out in the open with rounds striking the ground around them they crawl slowly, methodically through barbed wire, the air was thick with the smell of blood, fear and vomit. It was also filled with uncommon valor, as young men, some not yet shaving cover their buddies wounded bodies with their own, it’s an odd sound when a bullet hits a soldier, tearing deep into flesh, and there is a certain soft thud on impact. He continues on, dragging his fellow soldier along behind him as he makes his way to cover, somewhere he realizes when he looks back, that he is no longer dragging much. Just then all the noise hits him like a brick wall, rapid gun fire, mortar rounds exploding, screams of men yelling for a medic and the others calling out orders to move on, to charge on, and to survive. He makes his way and joins those remaining. They are wet, dirty, sweaty, hungry and battered, these young men will continue on, they will fight; they will give of themselves more than any of them knew they had to give, and some will give everything. For those whom return, for those who will again set foot upon their mother’s porch, the innocence will be gone. They will return something different; they will have faced the devil himself. They will have sacrificed young boys and become grown men.
These men, and the women who served during World War II to protect everything we have and enjoy freely, are leaving us again, only they are going to a better place to join their brothers and sisters, please, don’t let them leave us without saying thank you, they deserve it, it’s the very least they have earned and we all owe them.

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