Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day...Thank you.

Ever since we as a people claimed what is now the United States of America as a safe haven for those down trodden, and those looking for a place of protection against persecution for their beliefs, ever since we uprooted our families and lives in search of a new home where we could enjoy the fruition of our dreams and hopes for the future of our children, there have been examples of “Uncommon valor” by those willing to step up to the line and defend those hopes and dreams for their selves, and the rest of us whom cannot do so.

Today is for you, today is for those that have sacrificed some and those many who’ve have sacrificed all. Today we say thank you to our fellow vets, to the wives who’ve stood next to their husbands and supported them every step of the way, and to those husbands who’ve stood behind their wives who’ve served or are serving our country today and proudly supported them. And to everyone else who have and are today supporting their loved ones, their brothers and sisters, their children and their parents.

Today is the day we as a society must step forward and say thank you, thank you for putting everyone else first by sacrificing yourself. Thank you for working to preserve the freedoms we cherish in America and to all those soldiers overseas, far away from their families, far away from their loved ones, especially during the upcoming holiday season, when we sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner, or gather with our families over Christmas and Hanukah and set a place for those that won’t be there to share in our revelry. To those that sit alone, struggling to find their place in the world again after having given so much, we say thank you. Thank you for your selfless acts of kindness and undeniable virtue.

In your names, today on Veterans Day, thank you.

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  1. Great post Tracy, Thanks you also and all other who have served.